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Backyard Wear

Backyard Tee

Your favorite shirt. The one on the top of the stack, easy to grab when the backyard comes calling. Simple shirts that are soft, durable, broken in, and fun. And did we mention, your favorite shirt is ecofriendly? Women and Kids available.

New shirts designs and a new line of women’s dresses are coming Fall 2009!

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Bags for your Belongings

It is all grab and go. Whether in the backyard or beyond, our eco-friendly bags make it easy to stuff your stuff for fun on the run. View bags here


The easiest way to join the LGF movement, our magnets help show your green spirit.

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Backyard Memories
Remember. Share. Reminisce about the discoveries made in your own backyard. We did. It's your turn.

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Backyard Actions
Tell us about your small steps in the backyard and beyond. We know you are loving life and making a difference. Share!

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Backyard Friends
Calling All Kids!
Shareable stories about some of the first friends we meet in our own backyard. Learn. Enjoy. Have fun.

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