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Thanks for Helping us Grow!

We would like to give our sincere THANKS for all of those who have helped us grow Little Green Footprints!

Annette Duda of The Green Ally

We appreciate your help in expanding our reach across the great state of Florida!

Brian Rowland & Rowland Publishing, Inc.

Thank you for believing in our dream and sharing it with Northwest Florida!

Diana Hanson of Keep Tallahassee-Leon County Beautiful

Your insight, edits, and ideas are gifts that keeps on giving!

Eric Thomas

Thanks, Eric for making our ideas come to life with your talent, creativity and guidance.

Ethan Long

The world works in strange ways. You never know when a chance encounter with someone will come back to help you later in life. We're so fortunate to have "run into" a talented artist like Ethan.

Glenn & Craig Stanley

Thanks so much for your hard work, energy and creativity!


Without Google I simply don't know how the world would survive. Thanks for allowing us to reach the world with our message!

Gil Ziffer & Gail Stansberry-Ziffer of Ziffer Stansberry Advertising & Public Relations

Your gifts of generosity, assistance, and guidance are immeasurable!

Lori Danello Roberts of Family Forum Magazine &

Your enthusiasm and support is treasured!

Our Parents

Without the love and support from our parents, none of this would be possible.

Tony Carvajal, CAE, IOM, Vice President, Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. & President, Carvajal Consulting & Management

Thank you for serving as a mentor and unselfishly providing your wise time and guidance.

Backyard Memories
Remember. Share. Reminisce about the discoveries made in your own backyard. We did. It's your turn.

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Backyard Actions
Tell us about your small steps in the backyard and beyond. We know you are loving life and making a difference. Share!

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Backyard Friends
Calling All Kids!
Shareable stories about some of the first friends we meet in our own backyard. Learn. Enjoy. Have fun.

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